In Canada the temperature reaches 49.6 degrees, billboards and power lines are melting | Life

Experts ran out of explanations. Nobody expected anything like this in regions even far north, with a temperate climate … and in this century.

Tests, facts and predictions continue to be confirmed, but actions are lagging, even in interested sectors and through fake newsAnd the Climate change is denied.

On the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, in both the United States and Canada, they are suffering The biggest heat wave in its history. A wave that leaves you speechless, because they are areas with a temperate climate. These days Borland (44 degrees), Seattle (40 degrees) and Washington (46 degrees) are all-time highs.

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But nothing compared to what he lived in Canada. There the record was broken three consecutive days. in a city Leytonin the northwest of the country, Incredible 49.6°C has been reached.

The meteorologist who posted the tweet in the foreground recognizes: “I never thought that was possible, at least not in my life“.

Habit, Temperature records are measured in tenths. Moving from 46.1 to 46.8 degrees for example. in Lytton, The record was broken by 4.6 degrees at a time. These are quite worrying numbers.

In many places on the West Coast Road melting beganCracks and holes appeared that cut off dozens of roads:

The consequences of this extreme heat were not long in coming. 500 people have already died in Canada with a heat wave. Hospitals are saturated as they are in the coronavirus pandemic.

in Portland, Billboards are down, and public transportation has literally stopped because it Light wires melt Which trains, subways and trams use:

Outside the cities, things are no better. High temperatures and melted power lines They start big fires.

In Leighton, a 50-degree city, evictions began because the fire reached homes:

And, as the meteorologists themselves warned, this happened in June. In Canada, high temperatures occur at the end of July. What will happen next?

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