RTVE is preparing for an explosion of flavor and fun in 2024

RTVE is ready to take baking to new heights with its next entertainment project: “Bake Off: Celebrities in the Oven”. Led by the charismatic Paula Vázquez, fourteen celebrities from different fields will take on the challenge of becoming the best pastry chefs in Spain. Moreover, adding a touch of solidarity to the competition, Each participant will compete to win a prize that will be donated to the NGO of their choice.

The celebrities who will put on their apron and embark on this beautiful adventure are Rocio Carrasco, Tirillo Campos, Ana Boyer, the famous sisters Toni and Encarna Salazar (Azucar Moreno), Alba Carrillo, Yolanda Ramos, Manolo Sarria, Julio Iglesias Jr., Julio Salinas, Patxi Salinas, Pablo Puyol, Blas Cantú and Marc Clotet. With such diverse characters, the show is expected to offer not only delicious creations, but also entertaining moments full of surprises.

In each episode, participants will face two cooking challenges that will test their skill and creativity in making desserts. The resulting creations will be presented to a panel of experts, made up of the award-winning chef Paco Roncero, Pastry media Eva Arguignano And the world famous pastry chef Damian Petular. This judging panel will evaluate not only the taste and texture, but also the visual presentation of each masterpiece.

“Bake Off: Famous People in the Oven” will follow a weekly broadcast dynamic, with one participant eliminated from each programme. The competition is based on three weekly challenges that differ in nature: the Author’s Quiz, which reinterprets pastry classics; testing the imagination that seeks visual impact; The technical test, where everyone cooks the same surprise recipe, is judged blind. In addition, each episode will feature guests and celebrities from various fields.

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The programme, produced by RTVE in collaboration with BOXFISH, will provide famous aspiring pastry chefs the opportunity to learn how to make exquisite desserts, discover amazing recipes and experience funny situations. Paula Vasquez, as the host of the show, will guide the contestants and the audience through this culinary journey full of fun and emotions.

‘Bake Off: Celebrities in the Bake’ is based on the original format of ‘The Great British Bake Off’, produced by Love and distributed by BBC Studios, which has already wowed the homes of millions of viewers with over 2,000 episodes in over 30 episodes. Countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, etc. This format already had its first experience in Spain, In 2019, when the program, presented by Jesús Vásquez, was broadcast on Cuatro, and Jorge Cabeza won, Nurse from Barcelona. And in 2021, Amazon Prime Video premiered the Celebrity version of the format under the name “Celebrity Bake Off España” with a completely renewed team, headed by Paula Vázquez herself, who will now do the same for the RTVE version, which was accompanied by Brays Efe won, the version in which actor Pablo Rivero is remembered for his role as Tony Alcantara in the emblematic series “Cuéntame como paso”.

Although there is still no specific date for the premiere of this format, it is known that it will be one of RTVE’s big bets on entertainment programming for the first quarter of 2024 and that it will be broadcast on La 1 in prime time.

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