Refusal is growing in Bolivia in the face of the arrest of former president Janine Anez

Janine Anez is arrested in Bolivia

Janine Anez arrested this morning A wave of disavowal was unleashed in Bolivia by opposition to the government of Louis Ars. Former presidents and important leaders denounce the initiation of a campaign of persecution Which endangers the constitutional order in the country.

Carlos Mesa, who presided over Bolivia between 2003 and 2005, Which came second in the October elections of last year, which marked the return of the Socialist Movement (MAS) to power with the victory of Arce, was one of the most radical elections. We are going through a process of political persecution worse than it has been in dictatorial regimes. It is carried out against those who defend democracy and freedom in 2019. The Massista Judiciary and the Public Prosecution Office are the death hammer. “The perpetrators of fraud are pardoned and claim to be victims,” ​​he wrote on his Twitter account.

In another tweet, the former vice president also denounced it The beginning of a process of political persecution based on the invention of a “state of sedition and a coup.”

Those are the charges ñez, who provisionally ruled Bolivia between November 12, 2019, after Evo Morales resigned., And on November 8, 2020, when Arce takes office. Specifically, the charges against him are “sedition, terrorism and conspiracy.”

Former President Carlos Mesa (EFE / Martin Alipaz / Archive)
Former President Carlos Mesa (EFE / Martin Alipaz / Archive)

Another former president, Jorge Tutu Kiroga, who ruled between 2001 and 2002, also condemned Anez’s arrest. “Louis Ars criminalizes the democratic constitutional succession, and Janine Anez, who took over the leadership after the fraud, resignation and desertion of Evo (Morales), is arrested. The succession is recognized by the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the European Union and Latin America; Congress, the Multinational Constitutional Court, and the Supreme Court of Justice and Elections supported him, “he wrote on Twitter.

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In another letter, Quiroga who was also a candidate in the last elections, He posted a video of the moment Morales announced his resignation at a press conference “Listening to the comrades of the Central Operera Boliviana and the Catholic Church”..

Besides the video, Quiroga wrote: In the face of political pursuit, a reminder: due to fraud, Evo Morales canceled the elections and resigned as president on November 10, 2019.. It does so at the request of the Workers (COB) and the Catholic Church. It is not a “coup” story.

Samuel Doria is a city, businessman and politician with a long career in the country, Who was a former vice-presidential candidate for Áñez while maintaining her intention to run in last year’s elections – she ultimately did not do so – described the decision as “an act of dictatorship.” The democratic opposition in the country denounces b An intolerable dictatorial act with the intention of arresting Janine AnezProtected by the constitution. That Ars learned from the experience of his party leader: The constitution respects a yes or a yes. “

Former Bolivian President Jorge Quiroga (EFE / Martín Alipaz / Archive)
Former Bolivian President Jorge Quiroga (EFE / Martín Alipaz / Archive)

Luis Fernando Camacho, one of the leaders of the protests against the government of Evo Morales after the 2019 elections.The massively imposed last weekend in the Santa Cruz County Governor’s election, has also added to the ostracization of the wave of arrests. He did so through a message addressed to Arce, which he shared on Twitter.

President Louis Ars, Stop turning a blind eye, stop intimidation and persecution, and start working together for healthEmployment and the Economy of Bolivia. “

But it was not only Bolivian politicians who demonstrated against Anez’s arrest. So did human rights organizations. Most notably the case of José Miguel Vivanco, executive director of Human Rights Watch, who said so “The arrest warrants for Anez and his ministers do not contain any evidence that they have committed the crime of ‘terrorism’.“.

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“For this reason, they raise serious suspicions that it is a politically motivated process.”Added on Twitter thread.

Former opposition presidential candidate in Bolivia, Samuel Doria Medina.  (EFE / Martin Alipaz / File)
Former opposition presidential candidate in Bolivia, Samuel Doria Medina. (EFE / Martin Alipaz / File)

The case against Anez

Ñez was captured at dawn on Saturday After the issuance of an arrest warrant, the police surrounded her home on Friday and then searched her, even though they did not find her at home. For the time being, no further information about the arrest has emerged..

The former Bolivian interim president was accused of committing crimes of sedition, terrorism and conspiracy.

Luis Fernando Camacho (Europe Press)
Luis Fernando Camacho (Europe Press)

Political persecution has begun. The Socialist Movement (MAS) decided to return to the styles of dictatorship. Shame because Bolivia does not need dictators, it needs freedom and solutions. ”Anez denounced after learning that the prosecutor’s office had issued a warrant for his arrest.

The Minister of Justice, Evan Lima Magny, indicated that the complaint that opened the investigation that led to the arrest, “was filed against former Senator Janine Anez, and not against the former president,” and therefore. “Not protected by a liability ruling“.

On the other side, Bolivian authorities arrested former Energy Minister Rodrigo Guzmán on Friday in Trinidad, in the north of the country., Who “was intercepted by three young men who did not identify themselves in the middle of the street, put him in a car and took him away,” according to his wife, Dalia Lima.

Among those accused by the Office of the Prosecutor is the former Minister of Justice, Alvaro Coimbra – already detained -; The government and right hand of Anez, Arturo Murillo – found in the United States -; Presidency of the Republic, Yarko Nونñez; And defense, Luis Fernando Lopez.

Humans Rights Wach Executive Director José Miguel Vivanco (EFE / Sáshenka Gutiérrez / Archive)
Humans Rights Wach Executive Director, José Miguel Vivanco (EFE / Sáshenka Gutiérrez / Archive)

All of them are accused of terrorism, incitement and conspiracy crimesFor his potential participation during the violent riots between September 1, 2019 and December 31 of the same year, including the Sacapa and Syncata massacres, which led to Morales resigning to his victory and his exit from the country. Then to Argentina.

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The arrest warrant also requests the arrest of Admiral Palmero Jarjorie, the former commander of the Navy.By Jorge Gonzalo Triceros, who held the same position in the Air Force, as well as General Gonzalo Mendetta.

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