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With a significant digital focus and keeping in mind the current health measures, the British Embassy in Asuncion is introducing the British Week, or ‘British Week 2021’, from 8 to 14 March. This week is a celebration of British culture and a showcase of the UK’s goals in Paraguay, which include increasing trade ties and combating climate change.

Since my arrival in Paraguay in October 2020, I have been amazed by all the country has to offer. Its nature, macroeconomic stability, culture and youth are an invaluable demographic feature. Paraguay is going through a good moment, the ability to green and sustainable development is not counted by its production of electricity. In this context, British Week 2021 becomes an opportunity for us to provide a sample of everything the United Kingdom wants and can achieve with Paraguay, in all areas of our common work, and in our shared values.

The United Kingdom seeks in Paraguay to strengthen the commercial relations between our two countries. We also call for sustainable action in combating climate change, on the way to COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, to be held in Glasgow (Scotland) next November. We wish to continue exploring and promoting opportunities for cooperation and cultural exchange, connecting the entire Paraguayan audience at all levels.

The program of the week, available on social media (UKinParaguay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) has the added value of being nearly entirely digital, reaching more homes across the country. The week includes free-to-use interactive materials such as cookbooks and family activity brochures; Virtual events such as a British film screening, a presentation on the history of the United Kingdom and Paraguay, a virtual guided tour of a museum in the United Kingdom, an interview with the Kane band, discussions on zero-emissions vehicles. We’ll also have limited face-to-face events, such as Peppa House at Paseo La Galería and the British menu by Maurice de Talleyrand.

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Most importantly, throughout this week we counted on the participation of many local allies. These allies help spread the word about the British offering of products, or work directly on issues that matter to us as diplomatic representatives. For example, we have signed up again with Basura Challenge to join the Cleaning Day in the Costanera de Asunción. Likewise, we share British food and drink recipes and activities with companies like Casa Rica, Wine and Spirits, DIAGEO, Proper Import, local influencers, and more.

At this very moment, we want to present the British culture experience in a safe and accessible way, break down geographical barriers and allow people to enjoy various activities with family or friends, and take care of their well-being wherever they are.

Reader, reader, you can also be a part of UK Week 2021, from anywhere in Paraguay, through many virtual activities, some of them face to face, and mainly through our social networks. We love sharing your experiences, in all the activities we have planned to share with the public, using the hashtag # BritishWeekPY2021.

I would not like to end my speech without taking this opportunity to express the UK’s support for all initiatives in Paraguay that seek to align with our nations. Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England will continue to strengthen their friendship with Paraguay. Together we can implement innovative and sustainable educational, cultural and business initiatives that seek to promote respect for human rights; For freedom of the press and equality for all people. I invite you and the British Embassy team in Asuncion to join us.

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British ambassador to Paraguay.

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