Red Bull details Verstappen’s attack on a bird in Canada

Max Verstappen warned his team on the radio that he was on lap 11 of the race Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix 2023 Hit a bird at the exit of a curve. However, the Dutchman’s car did not appear to have sustained significant damage and the reigning world champion reported no performance loss afterwards.

During post-race inspections, when the RB19 returned to the garage, Milton Keynes’ team discovered that The remains of the animal got stuck in the area around the right brake duct. Team boss Christian Horner said: “I think his biggest fear was hitting that birdie, which took half the hit in the right-front brake duct.

Check out what happened at the 2023 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix:

king Max Verstappen also revealed that he saw the wreckage after getting out of the car In the end: “It was still attached to my car when I got in, it didn’t look good! I’m also sorry for the mechanic who had to remove it.”

Monitoring Max Verstappen’s performance

Although young The danger caused by the birdThe Dutchman’s biggest headache at the Canadian Grand Prix was tire temperature management, with all drivers having difficulty getting the tires to hit their sweet spot due to the cold conditions.

team leader, Christian HornerHe added: “They had trouble warming up the car, and it’s hard to generate power when there’s only six corners and a long straight. You can see that the lap times were very variable for all the drivers at certain times, but Max [Verstappen] He was able to open the DRS gap to the safety car.”

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“After the safety car, he also had ten seconds,” admitted the Briton. “This type of circuit is very unique, so overcoming this challenge is also encouraging.”

for his part, Verstappen said the issue in racing was not tack managementbut rather making the tires work well: “Usually it’s about managing the tyres, but today it was about propulsion. Sometimes the speed went up and down a lot per lap, and other times you couldn’t go to the limit because you didn’t know what you were going to get.” On him, so for me, with the hard, it’s a bit difficult, while with the medium, I wanted to open that gap up a little bit more.”

“Then, of course, at some point you will see ten or fifteen laps left and you will have a gap, so you don’t want to take too many risks,” explained the Dutch boss. “You probably won’t get all the throttle on, but you can’t relax too much because you lose temperature in the tires after that.

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