Ravens’ Des Bryant leaves season and backs down after positive COVID-19 case: ‘I’m being smart’

Baltimore crowsDez Bryant ended his season and restarted it in one night.

Not surprisingly, the frustrated broad recipient was looking forward to a play Cowboys in Dallas But after testing positive for COVID-19, Bryant was pulled from warm-ups an hour before confronting his former team.

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Bryant was apparently upset with Twitter to say he was calling it “quitting for the rest of the season”.

Bryant launched a series of tweets after that, he asks NFL If the game is canceled taking into account the approaching start of the match, a positive test result is provided and even an offer to share information about the business he was “working on”.

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Soon after making an uproar, Bryant walked through his tweet again that he hadn’t quit.

He said “I’m smart.”

The Ravens finished their three-game losing streak with a 34-17 win over the Cowboys Tuesday night. Lamar JacksonHe, who is back after missing one of his COVID-19 matches, said he knew how important that win was to Bryant after finding out it had been withdrawn.

“We won that match for him because we knew how much that meant for him,” Jackson said while stressing the post-match. “That’s what he is, we won him. I feel it because I know it’s a game he wants to play.”

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After the match, Bryant tweeted that it was never a grudge match for him.

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He wrote, “This was more than just another game for me … it wasn’t about revenge … I didn’t need a trap … I wanted to clarify a point …”

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