Tania Tinoco transferred to the United States

that ambulance It took off on Saturday, April 9, for the city of Clevelandbear TV presenter Tania Tinoko. Relatives reported that the transfer was due to the journalist’s stability at the present time.

“they Sensitive health condition“But the situation was stable all these days, which facilitated his transfer to the United States,” the family said in a statement.

Someone from Tinoco Circle indicated that the presenter was present Intensive treatment. After the last medical examination, she was shipped to United State.

Tinoco underwent emergency surgery after suffering from a ArrhythmiaThursday, according to relatives. Both Aquavisa and the family indicated that they would keep the journalist’s medical development confidential.

“It is time to send energy, light, support, expression of affection and prayer,” the family added in the statement.

Tinoco, 58, has approx 40 years of journalistic work. In addition to being a TV presenter, she has also ventured into journalism and radio.

“Let’s trust you Recoveryin good hands,” the family concluded. Tinoco was treated at the Guayaquil Clinic, where she underwent an emergency surgery.

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