Public Health Report on Coronavirus No. 435

The Ministry of Public Health reported that on Friday May 14, 2021, there were four deaths due to COVID-19.

The deceased are: a 78-year-old woman, born in Kausett, who was transferred to Dr. Guillermo Roussson Hospital; 74-year-old woman, from Rawson, admitted to Dr. Guillermo Rousson Hospital; A 43-year-old man from Rawson, who was admitted to the private hospital; And a 56-year-old man from Chimbas, admitted to Dr. Guillermo Rawson’s Hospital.

The government of San Juan expresses its condolences to relatives, friends and relatives and accompanies them at this painful moment.

It is also reported that, as of 7:00 pm on this date, the following official numbers of cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in San Juan:

  • New condition: 369
  • Confirmed total: 32,681
  • Infection patients: 4,062
  • Fatalities (accumulated): 597
  • Recovered: 28,022
  • Negative test: 1082

Part of boarding schools

214 patients in COVID-19 regions (between positive and suspected) were admitted to Dr Guillermo Rawson’s hospitals; Dr.. Martial Quiroga; Dr.. Ventura Loveras from Sarmiento; Dr.. Cesar Aguilar from Kausett. Dr.. Jose Giordano from berdon. Federico Cantonese from Pochetto. Simic. Dr.. Julieta Lantry; San Roque Hospital, from Yashal; Dr Alejandro Paracín Hospital of Valle Vertel. Barial Hospital, Calingasta; private hospital; Medical institute; El Castano Clinic; Santa Clara Clinic; Sanatorio San Juan and CCI.

Of this total, 86 patients remain hospitalized in the critical area, 39 of whom undergo mechanical ventilation.

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