Do you remember the little skunk from the movie Little Red Riding Hood? This actor starred in the movie with “El Loco” Valdés

National cinema had seasons of glory, an example of which was Time Mexican cinema is gone. However, it is not the only stage in which the screen captivates audiences with moving stories. This is the case for the success of children’s films in the 1960s, which conquered the public, as in the children’s film. “little Red Riding Hood”.

Quote the famous fairy tale embodied in various writings; Such as Charles Perrault And after that Brothers Grimm, It hit theaters in 1960. The story has the original plot, in which a girl goes to visit her grandmother, but she meets a wolf along the way. The difference is that the production decided to add some characters like The skunk accompanying the wolf In their sinister plans.

The movie starred Maria Grace Which personified little Red Riding HoodManuel “El Luco” Valdes, Who made the Big bad wolf s Raphael Muñoz Deret How The stinking skunk, The loud little character who got the most appreciation, as he was funny and cute.

The film was so successful that three more installments were made: Little Red Riding Hood and her three friends From 1961 Swordsmanship of the Queen For 1961, which although it was based on The three musketeers, He had some characters from the first movie; s Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb vs. monsters From 1962.

Notably, the voice of Raphael Muñoz Elderet, as El Zorrillo, called it María Eugenia Avendaño, which infused the character with a subtle touch.

Who is Raphael Muñoz Elderet, the stinking skunk?

Raphael Muñoz Aldret was born on October 24, 1929 in San Miguel El Alto, Jalisco, in the world of entertainment, known by his pen name Dwarf Santanon Because of his insignificant stature.

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His film debut came in 1944 with the movie Valley memories After that, he achieved a successful career as he filmed 84 films, including the following: Santo vs. the king of crime (1962) and Santo El Mascarado de Plata and the Blue Devil vs Monsters (1970), The general, A bar where he shares the credits with him Maria Felix.

Among his other notable film roles is that of Inano in the joint production of Mexico and the United States., Fear room (1972), where he participated in the credits with B.Oris Karlov, Julisa and Isela Vega. While it was his last feature film Chess player (1979), directed by French director Juan Luis Buñuel, son Louis Buñuel.

Finally he passed away on January 2, 2002 at the age of 72 in a nursing home?San Raphael ?? From Ciudad JuárezChihuahua due to acute myocardial infarction.


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