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The idea of ​​Steps’ CreateSpace initiative is that 10 Aboriginal, black and colored artists can create public spaces to share their work. (Photo by the artist © Jieun June Kim)

Ten multidisciplinary and multi-ethnic Canadian artists will be supported to bring public art to communities across Canada this year. It is an initiative of the steps, (Sustainable thinking and expression in the public space), Which is a Canadian public art organization.

Through a public art residency designed in collaboration with consultants from all over the country, the aim of this project was CreateSpace It is to equip emerging black and indigenous artists (First Nations, Inuit, and Mettis) and racial artists with the skills, networks, and practical experience necessary to transfer their general artistic practices to the professional level.

Public art has the power to challenge the systemic inequalities found in public spaces, but Canada’s public art collection does not currently reflect its diversity. For black, ethnic, and indigenous artists, CreateSpace creates a platform to foster important and challenging conversations. Niko Taylor is of Canada’s Black Divine Arts Movement and Art Resident Counselor

The ten artists who will benefit from this public art residency with support from STEPS and multidisciplinary art mentors in their communities in five counties are:

With nearly 100 submissions from across the country, the resident artists were selected by a panel of public and professional artists from across Canada identified as BIPOC.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Smith, of the National Alliance for Indigenous Media Arts, reflects that “residency is about making change.”

Some of the works of some of the selected artists:

STEPS promotes dynamic, inclusive, and resilient communities through public art, community design, and the creation of creative spaces. We transform urban spaces into vibrant places through a unique blend of cultural planning, community arts and artistic capacity building services. STEPS is a charity registered with the Canadian Tax Service.

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