Primary school book links the Falkland Islands to the UK

A teacher from Rosario has demanded that the Provincial Department of Education withdraw the sixth grade educational handbook from circulation, because it includes a map of South America that names the Falkland Islands Malvinas and includes them under the control of the United Kingdom.

Marisa Aybar, a teacher at School 1257 in the Las Flores neighborhood, submitted a memo to the District Department of Education warning of inaccuracies discovered in the book distributed to sixth graders.

The material produced by the province this year as part of the We Continue Learning at Home series includes a physical political map of the continent where you can read “Falkland Islands. West and East Falkland (UK)” along with the Falkland Islands.

The teacher expressed her “refusal to distribute textbooks to primary school students that include a map in which the Falkland Islands and the South Atlantic Islands are defined as the purview of the United Kingdom”, in the memo sent to the ministry.

In addition, he demanded that the material be withdrawn from circulation as a form of “equity to the Argentine people and especially to our heroes and veterans who gave their lives for the cause of our national sovereignty.”

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