Present the first results on the Qubic Project | . telescope A tool for studying the origins of the universe

results on telescope Designed by Project Quebecwho seeks to discover the origin of the universein which Argentine researchers participate, Presented this Thursday by the scientific journal Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (JCAP), the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation reported.

By issuing a special issue of eight scientific articles, the journal released the results of laboratory tests for the operation of all telescope components developed specifically for Project Quebec and detailing their scientific capabilities.

These articles appear The theory and science behind this telescope, what you want to discover, the whole idea of ​​the design, the manufacture of the various subsystems, their testing in the lab and everything that this tool indicates,” explained Beatriz Garcia, an astronomer and researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (conical) and a representative of the Qubic Project in Argentina.

The researcher said, which is part of 130 professionals from France, Italy, Argentina, UK and Ireland who make up the Qubic . project.

It is a tool with a new design, aimed at checking the so-called “Physics of the primordial universe”from which you are studyingWhat happened a few milliseconds after the Big Bang, in the first moments of the universe”referenced from Science and Technology.

The telescope has been in development since 2008 in Paris, built in 2018 and tested between 2019 and 2020 to finally reach the province of jump In July 2021, it is currently being tested in a special integration room built under the Qubic project.

It will be installed in Your ultimate observation site near San Antonio de los Cobresfive thousand meters above sea level, in early 2023.

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Physicists still do not have direct evidence of what actually happened at this time. This is exactly what Qubic is looking for,” says Garcia.

If confirmed, the Qubic project could answer “one of the great questions in still-open cosmology,” about what happened during the universe’s first moments. Also, they will “Important finding for cosmology has profound implications for particle physics”.

This telescope rivals half a dozen other instruments developed in different countries, and they note from the Qubic Project and explain that in any case, the eventual discovery “must be independently confirmed by different teams, as it will have repercussions in the scientific community and beyond.”

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