Google demonstrated its communication system in 3 dimensions

The company unveiled a Projet Starline with which communications can be made as if the other person were face to face.


Project Starline is a seemingly development inspired by both science fiction and fantasy stories. It allows you to recreate the face-to-face conversations experience remotely.

This year’s Google IO event was the moment Google chose to unveil one of its most exciting projects.

Starline is a technology that combines hardware and software developments to create what in a fairy tale can be a magic mirror for communicating with another person from a distance.

According to Clay Bavor, Google’s vice president, the company has improved many means of communication, but it still has an outstanding task to create something that actually produced the same feeling as face-to-face conversation. This need has become more apparent during the pandemic.

Teleconferencing and telepresence technologies have been around for a few years, but they have always focused on 2D video transmission. Starline, on the other hand, offers images in 3 dimensions and at their original scale.

Three major achievements

Starline is made possible by three notable technical achievements. The first is the 3D capture for those who participate in the conversation, the second is the real-time information compression and efficient transmission, and the third is the re-creation of the image in three dimensions in the destination device.

Despite all this, one of the reasons for Google developers’ pride is that the technology’s presence is already in the background, almost forgotten, once the conversation begins.

Definition of

Currently, Starline is only available in some company offices. To operate with specialized machines and equipment, it is still far from any commercial possibility.

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Google’s goal is to make the technology more affordable and accessible. As a first step, the units will be installed in the offices of the associates.

Perhaps in the future we could have one of these mills in our homes. it is necessary? Not right. But we want one.

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