Prepaid Medicine

Since the beginning of the pandemic, representatives of health systems for prepaid medicines have gained prominence in the media, in order to “bulge” in the face of the possible nationalization of their “companies”, which from a “business health” perspective “may seem logical.

Now, more than nationalizing health system users, we need the same legal guarantee that these entrepreneurs claim. Health systems are the only source of income that neither insurance company regulations nor banks’ obligations, for example. And we do not accurately quote the examples of “socialism”. Healthy companies are for their owners an endless source of funds whose obligations are tied to users.

Citizens need a real contract, obligating health companies to offer the benefits and places of care they promote with each plan. When we get the benefits, they give us the brochure that ends up constantly adjusting the health company so it doesn’t pay the costs.

We need a law that obliges health companies to create a financial account, with the end of the fee being allocated to the health system and not to fund “business” such as buying TV channels, shares in energy companies or real estate. investments, etc. Because later, when we need a hands-on shift, controversies and fine-printing of pamphlets begin, as well as paying miserable doctors or forcing them to make a diagnosis in ten minutes.

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