Jonás Cuarón will direct “Chupacabra” with protagonist Demián Bichir

Netflix has released new details about its movie based on the “Chupacabra” stories, highlighting the joining of popular Mexican actor Demián Bichir to the cast of the film directed by Jonás Cuarón.

This movie called “Chupa” will depict a teenager Alex visiting his family in Mexico, where he will find a rare companion when he discovers a young Chupacabra hiding in his grandfather’s hut. So in an effort to save this mythical creature, Alex teams up with his cousins ​​to embark on their life’s adventure.

In this project, Chris Columbus, Producer of 26 Street Pictures, commented, “The story is as good as the actors they bring to life. Demian is a famous actor, and after thorough research, we are thrilled with the real talent we’ve found in Adriel, Isabela and Dominic, who bring heart and authenticity We want everyone to meet them and see how special they are in making this movie.”

Director and screenwriter Jonas Cuaron said: “Demian, Dominic, Adriel and Isabella bring authenticity to the characters they play. Having grown up in both Mexico and the United States, I am fortunate to have my own life experiences to inspire the stories I tell. It is even more special that A team is found that is able to give Chupa an extra level of authenticity.”

As mentioned earlier, Chupa will be directed by Jonás Cuarón (Desert, Gravity), screenwriters Jonás Cuarón himself will be with Tim Sexton based on an original script by Marcus Rinehart, Sean Kennedy Moore, and Joe Barnathan, and will star Demián Bichir (Godzilla vs. Kong. , Midnight Sky, Alien: Convention), Dominic Mariche (Afraid of the Dark?, See), Adriel Manzano (Belzebuth), and Isabella Patron (Neighbor Wars).

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