Portal: Revolution, the long-awaited fan prequel to Portal 2, has been delayed due to a Steam review

Portal: Revolution | The second side program Fan Mandy game

Fan community outletnearly 13 years after its launch Portal 2I was eagerly waiting for January 5th to enjoy the prequel I created Second face programcommunicate Portal: Revolution. This fan-made mod promised over eight additional hours and 40 new cameras to the original game.

However, the players who opened steam Searching for this they found a disappointing announcement from the developers instead of new game content. outlet.

The message reads: “From the beginning, I want to say that the video game is ready.” “We could release it at any time, but Valve has not yet reviewed or accepted the release title.”“.

The statement goes on to explain that all content contained in steam It must have gone through a review process before valve Before the developers had the option to release the video game. Developers Portal: Revolution They submitted their version for review on December 20, but have not yet received a response valve -When the planned release date was January 5-.

Even though we finished our part, we can't release it“The developers wrote.”Looking back, we should have expected this and definitely learned the lesson of not launching during the holidays“.

Portal: Revolution | The second side program Fan Mandy game

The developers have realized this Steam support I previously warned them that staff reductions during the holiday season lead to much longer review processes. At any other time of the year, this process usually takes 2-3 business days.

While the ad was posted in the store steama team Portal: Revolution Receive news from valve– The version is currently under review. Once the game is accepted, the game developers said they will update fans with the revised release date.

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It takes place between events outlet And Portal 2The new content will return players to the ruins of the laboratories slot. In the beginning, you wake up as a test subject whose mission is to find a device that can restore the facility.

Portal: Revolution puzzle difficulty begins where Portal 2 ends″, according to the title's developers, though new challenging mechanics will be taught as progress is made, similar to the originals.

To play the next mode, players will need to install Portal 2. If you don't have it yet, the title is on sale for $0.99 steam Until January 11.

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