Polly Polly Likes You So Much Because It Makes You Happy There’s No More Science: Paula Mengware

“Polly Polly loves it so much because it is work that makes you happy. There is no science anymore,” Paula Menger said of the musical and its premiere via pandemic in times of pandemic. He also emphasized that “it was a show that has always been so loved by everyone” because the work, according to For actor Mario Sepúlveda, “Very pure and with well-known songs”, so Josera Zuniga, the playwright, left the story “in a whitish tone”. Remember, the plot includes Las Bombonettes and Los Pillos del Rock, two groups vying to become the next rock and roll stars of the 1960s.

The original cast of Polly, Polly.

Mario Sepulveda explained that “it’s great to remember Polly Polly as a 100 percent Mexican show” in which the actors themselves, who were actually friends, built their own characters with Anahi AloyMusical Director. Paula Mingoire explained that the humor used in the play is “not demanding but very simple because of the things that happen to us,” which is why it’s so funny and “brain disconnected for a while.” However, the actor also revealed, “We were afraid to face the audience and they wouldn’t understand our jokes.”

As part of a special broadcast that will be broadcast on August 8, there will be videos and photographs relating to the tales and moments they experienced during rehearsals, before and after the 2014 premiere at Milan theaterTherefore, all of the show’s protagonists, including Hiromi, Mago Perez, Diego Mendel, Luis Carlos Villarreal, Iker Madrid, Luis Fernando Valdes and Jose Luis “Joanna” Rodriguez, will spend their own time on screen. “It was a very amazing time in our lives, we really enjoyed the trainings and the time we spent together,” Paula Menguerre recalls.

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