Pokémon Go players demand the return of a “forgotten” generation.

Pokémon Go players are angry that Niantic has mostly forgotten about a generation that is one of the biggest and most popular Pokémon.

The sudden success of Pokémon Go has led to a torrent of content over the years, with more and more generations of content being added to the game. Most of the Pokémon in the series can be played in the mobile game.

At some point, the decision had to be made to slow down content updates so that there would be new things to add to Pokémon Go in the generation gaps. This means that fans are still waiting patiently, as some Pokémon and mechanics have yet to be introduced in Pokémon Go.

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There’s a generation of Pokémon that has been surprisingly forgotten in Pokémon Go. Despite being one of the biggest double entries in the series since the early days of PokeMania, it has sold millions of copies worldwide.

Pokémon Go players are upset that Niantic forgot about Generation 8

used in Pokemon go reddit He shared a meme about how Niantic forgot about Pokemon Sword and Shield. This led to users taking to the thread to express their despair over the Galar region not getting any attention in Pokémon Go.

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Niantic, you have the main legends of gen 8. Where’s my soccer bunny and my drummer gorilla? Where’s my soccer bunny and my drummer gorilla? One user wrote, while another said: “I started playing the main games in gen 8, I want my own soccer bunny, my James Bond in a fur suit, and my own drummer gorilla“.

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Many fans are surprised that the three starter Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield and their evolutions haven’t been added, considering how popular they are in the real world and how starters are often a top priority for additions to Pokémon Go.

What’s even more surprising is that the Dynamax mechanic doesn’t exist in Pokémon Go. They seem like natural additions to the game, but they’re absent. On the other hand, there are also no Generation 7 Z moves or Generation 9 crystallization, so maybe Niantic doesn’t want too many battle mechanics.

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The missing Generation 8 Pokemon will likely be saved for a slower period, as they can add a lot of content to the game. It’s a shame that Pokémon Sword and Shield fans will have to wait so long, especially considering how popular those games are on Nintendo Switch.

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