This is an open world FPS Atomic Heart

After a period of silence, we can finally see this specific proposal in the first person to arrive in 2021.

After years of not being familiar with the game, we’ve finally started seeing in recent months Lots of new materials from The atomic heart, The Open world RPG It was developed by Mundfish, and it is expected to launch this year. If you want to see it in action like never before, with the GameCross channel, we can’t have fun any less. 22 minutes of gameplay Where there is no shortage of bloody battles in it First person and next generation graphics.

It must be said, as shown, that it is a pre-alpha version, so it could still improve a lot in its final version, although the technical plan doesn’t look bad at all. And Its artistic direction hints at a somewhat peculiar character, Which will be one of its main incentives. In these more than 20 minutes, we can see different types of the most bizarre enemies, as well as different scenarios and weapons that we will witness during an adventure that promises many hours of gameplay.

The game definitely comes up with titles like Prey or BioshockAlthough we have already told you about Atomic Heart on occasion, the game takes us to an alternate future in which an organization dominates. Killer robots of the Soviet Union. As KGB agents, we will have to investigate a secret lab where there are even more hidden threats. Some of them are shown in the video. Officials ensure that there will be plenty of work and freedom of decision to explore the different environments and forces that will be at our disposal.

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The video, despite its obvious differences in setting, makes Atomic Heart also reminiscent of games like Bioshock a victim, For first-person combat and use of powers and firearms. This is also true Horror component About scenarios that come to life in which something can scare us to death. This tension atmosphere appears to have been well accomplished. And the robotic creatures encountered are impressive.

A few weeks ago we learned that too The Atomic Heart will have a picture mode For you to capture amazing shots; Give her the design of scenes and characters. Its launch will be intergenerational and will arrive sometime this year at PS4. PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | Personal computer.

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