Platform jumping is what Ballers need

Dwayne Johnson stars in all five seasons of this HBO original series, which can now be seen on Netflix

No, you didn’t go crazy. You have entered Netflix and found the fourth most watched series of the day BallersFantasy championship Dwayne Johnsonaccompanied by a slogan HBO. Why the hell would Netflix promote a competing series? Is Ballers worth watching on Netflix now that it’s over? These and other questions I will try to answer in this post. You’ve seen the entire series, and it’s a shame you haven’t yet.

Why is Netflix broadcasting Ballers if it’s from HBO?

This surprise has a very simple logical explanation: Netflix And HBO They reached an agreement that the first would broadcast a series of the second series. Double purpose: on the one hand Netflix Effortlessly increases its catalog of available series, with the help of built-in branding such as HBO; On the other side, HBO He gets more than interesting economic benefits from series that have already been broadcast and whose useful life has ended.

Is it worth watching Ballers on Netflix?

Ballers It is a drama with comedic overtones created by Stephen Levinson It centers around the lives of the players of a professional American football team and the relationships that arise off the field of play. However, the real hero Dwayne JohnsonWho is playing Spencer Strasmorean already retired athlete who will have to deal with these young people who want to succeed.

If it’s worth watching for something Ballersis knowing the backstory of Dwayne Johnson, an actor many of us have seen in action movies without any emotion in his characters. throughout 5 seasons, The translator will show that he is much more than just a tough guy, being truly magnetic as Spencer Strasmore And eat the screen in almost every scene.

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I will not deceive you: plot Ballers It couldn’t be more predictable, despite the fact that the writers work to give us emotional sequences and super fun dialogue. next to, The writers manage to strike the perfect balance between comedy and drama, without falling into cheap sentimentality. So despite the story’s stereotype, the strengths easily outweigh the weak.

In the end, it seems to me Ballers It’s the best chain I can get Netflix: after passing outside the United States unnoticed HBONow that it has found a new home in the competition, it is sure to be discovered by a much larger audience.

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