How to discover science and learn by ordering lockers and watching a lot of football matches

Students from all educational levels participate in the initiative Sante Emil

Guillelme Brown students presented fifty projects and papers at the school’s science fair

March 05, 2023 . Updated at 05:00 AM.

in it William Brown College the Sciences You don’t learn from books. Or, at least, not only. In this educational center, they have been committed for more than two decades to move away from the traditional concept of how scientific knowledge is acquired and to make children discover that there is science in everything from the things they do and in every detail of the world they see. takes. We like to pique their curiosity and not lose it. Research is key because this is how they learn on their own. They do it almost without wanting to, enjoying a lot of autonomy, which avoids that rejection when they feel compelled to study, summarizes Professor Perfecto Blanco, Head of Science.

The entire teaching team shares this philosophy. They even collaborate from different regions. For example, one year of music and another of technology and robotics proposed a joint project for students to make monofilament wire, a prehistoric instrument with which they combined circuits, says Blanco. You have to get rid of it imagination To make the activity attractive to them, he adds.

The reflection of this effort was again embodied in Expociencia, an exhibition in which students revealed the results of their work. At this event, which just after the Covid break celebrated its 21st edition, there were various proposals such as the jump egg or the one that is fried without the need for fire, how Make the paint with flour or any way Making environmental plasticine and biodegradable. he responsible consumption Many focused studies, and while some smaller studies learned the difference between density and viscosity, the older ones created levitators with electromagnets, prototyped an articulated arm with a 3D printer, learned to measure oxygen content in the air or to use mathematicians’ models to order chambers or predict population growth of a species specific animal.

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This means that if lifted in an attractive way, even seemingly dry targets can give a lot of play. And if not, tell Roque and Iker who thoroughly analyzed the relationship between mathematics and football. But not everything stays in the know. What is being achieved is a very important education that goes beyond the curricular subjects. They learn to work as a team, search for information, and also speak publicly and improve their oral expression while writing business conclusions for the exhibition, says Perfecto Blanco.

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