Photos of the temporary fort in San Luis and Cord …

A strong storm hit Cordoba and St. Louis on Friday And cause Floods in different areasThe flowing water washed cars and garbage containers and entered homes.

The Heavy rain and strong winds They surprised San Luis residents on Friday 21st.

According to the records, It rained more than 30 mm in just 20 minutes.
Due to the large amount of falling water, the streets of some areas of Córdoba and Saint Louis have turned into great rivers.

On social networks, images of the repercussions of the storm spread: cars, trash containers drawn in water, fallen trees, and power cuts.

Meanwhile, 12 provinces were registered in northwest Argentina, western Mendoza and Neuquen Storm Alerts With the possibility of a hailIssued on Saturday by the National Weather Service. Areas with rain and storm alerts tonight and Sunday correspond to the cities of Salta in El Carmen, Ledesma, Palbala, San Antonio, San Pedro, Santa Barbara, Valle Grande, and lowland areas of Dr. Manuel Belgrano and Tilcara.

These alerts extend to the cities of Tucuman in Boroyaco, the capital, Cruz Alta, Familla, Graneros, La Cucha, Lilles, Simuca, Trancas, Yerba Buena, the lower regions of Chikligasta, Juan Bautista Alberdi, Loulise, Monteros and Tave Viejo.

Local sites have been added in the province of Santiago del Estero, such as Figueroa, Oyste de Alberde, Oyste de Cubo, Moreno and Pellegrini.

The National Weather Service indicated that rain and storms are also expected in the southeastern provinces of Catamarca, La Rioja, northeast of Catamarca, and in the lower region of Chacabuco, Junín and Libertador General San Martin.

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Likewise, the eastern cities of Neuquén such as Loncopué, Picunches, Ñorquín, Western Añelo, Pehuenches, Southern Chos Malal and Minas along with the lower region of Malargüe de Mendoza are included in this alert. In contrast, storms and rain are expected in southeastern Chaco, Corrientes Province, east of Entre Rios, and northeastern Province of Buenos Aires.

Another orange level alert was issued by the SMN for a large part of the provinces of Cordoba and Santa Fe, southeast Santiago del Estero and west of Entre Rios. This alert indicates that areas will be affected by heavy or intense rain and storms, as precipitation values ​​are expected to accumulate between 40 and 80 mm. Depending on the organism, this phenomenon may be accompanied by severe storms, hail falls and great electrical activity, and the main phenomenon is the abundant fall of water in short periods.

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