Pedro Pascal traveled to the UK to visit an art exhibition about him, but couldn’t get in – Metro World News

Pedro Pascal traveled to the small English seaside town of Margate, but he did not expect to be received in this way. The Emmy-nominated actor went to an art gallery dedicated to him accompanied by Robert Diament and Russell Tovey, but the show was closed.

Pedro Pascal in Margate

Ahead of the iconic moment, the protagonist of The Last of Us decided to take a selfie with The Rhodes Gallery in the background and posted it on his social networks: “Art friends reunion from Margate,” Pascal wrote in the caption.

The three looked very smiley and excited despite not entering the exhibition. In the background image is a poster that says: “Hyperfixation with ADHD and WHY IT LOVES PEDRO PASCAL,” made by artist Heidi Gentle Burrell.

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Pascal and his companions were astonished by the art exhibition

“It was absolutely amazing,” Burrell, the artist, told The Independent. “Although I can imagine it’s a little awkward, with all the art on it. I’m bummed that it’s Sunday afternoon when the gallery is closed. I’d like Robert to bring it in when we’re open.”

Rhodes Gallery, where 14 reproductions of the artist are on display, also shared photos on Instagram of the Pascal-inspired pieces.

The gallery is grateful for the “visit” of Pedro Pascal

Jessica Rhodes Robb, co-owner of the venue, told CNN that she is proud that her gallery is getting the attention it deserves: the show is “absolutely exceptional” and they are “very proud that it has received the publicity it deserves.”

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“We’re afraid they couldn’t get in and the Sunday open policy is definitely under review. We’ll be sending Pedro a gift from the program as an apology.”

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