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If anyone knows about the business it is Arturo Elias Ayoub, the ‘Shark’ which was formed alongside billionaire Carlos Slim who has a wealth of football experience from his past at Pumas. This is the character many remember from Shark Tank Mexico, Send a very harsh message by League Cup 2023taking as a sender The “negotiating genius” of Mexican football.

What did Arturo Elias say about the League Cup?

While he did not mention names in his post on social media, Elias Ayoub addressed the person in charge of managing the negotiations from the Mexican side To be able to materialize this ambitious project, supposedly an “international showcase” of footballers and an excellent test, despite the disappointing performance of Aztec clubs says otherwise.

Liga MX teams have been at a disadvantage all along. Either traveling long distances, playing all games as visitors in the US, suffering controversial refereeing decisions, and the latest novelty, is the rescheduling of the Monterrey and Querétaro matches, the only survivors, who only have one day less left. The rest are in the quarter-finals.

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To whom does Elias Ayoub refer in his message against the League Cup?

“MLS has undoubtedly improved. But what They leave you about 3 weeks away from hometravels every 3 days, They play all matchestraining at a time when the locals want to lend you their stadium, among many other things, He’s a very bastardBooks Businessman and Philanthropist.

Here is the genius of the federation who negotiated Mexico’s participation in the League Cup, here is a small gift So he can read it before the next tournament, let’s see if he can do it the same way, but now in Mexico.”He added next to a picture of his book “The Negotiator”.

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stressing that Arturo Elias omitted nameswhats the truth Liga MX President, Mikel Areola was in charge of Mexican football In conducting negotiations and accepting all the terms of this League Cup, in which the sporting results have been disappointing… Waiting to see how profitable it is financially and in the masses.

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