PC action and adventure with asynchronous multiplayer

Developed by the WIBY team, Phantom Abyss will go early access in June.

one of Major publishers From the independent scene Digital Back. The company leaves no one indifferent and also has many great games in its portfolio, such as Hero ring, one of Surprises of 2021. Now, the company has announced the release of a new video game. Phantom abyss Will arrive in early arrival at Computer The Next June And you already have your page on steam.

We will accompany the ghosts of the players who have not passed the templeThe WIBY Team He is the studio behind this exciting new video game. Phantom Abyss is a video game Asynchronous multiplayer Introduces players Temples Which – which Procedurally generated. The aim of the title is to recover the sacred relics hidden in these places, but the mission is not a hike, as it is said we will enter ‘Fatal stays’.

The game you will be in first personIt will put us to the test to overcome the different stages. We will be in the company Ghosts of other players Who tried to cross the Temple and we must avoid repeating their mistakes. In order for us to proceed whip, Which will help us jump, dodge traps, solve puzzles and other functions. This tool will be our best ally.

With the treasures we unlock as we progress through each stage, we can Make offerings To the altars To get improvements That helps us overcome the challenges that arise. For example, the ability to slide, double jump, slide further, protect ourselves from damage, and much more. Every half seems to be Very different and demanding.

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We will only have one attempt to conquer every temple we enterIn fact, if you like challenges then this is the game It seems to you. You have to know that There is only one attempt to overcome it Every temple. Additionally, each of these places contains a file Unique remains It can only be Someone got it in the worldClose that place forever. Without a doubt, it’s a special way to assign value to each half, although it also aims to be a very challenging game.

In the game we will have to survive the traps and guardians, and you can see Advertising trailer Shared by Devolver Digital and Team WIBY at the start of this news to give you a better idea of ​​what to expect. We’ll see the result when it is released, but the suggestion appears Funny, original and challenging. Will this be one of the Five matches Devolver Digital by 2021 was unannounced?

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