Pardo: Three things you should know about the new Inarritu movie

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu He is 59 years old and has lived 20 years United Stateand this allowed him to have a mixture of feelings about who he was, but also about what he was and what he was looking for, questioning everything before him and what he thought he knew, all of which he presents in “Bardo, false records of some facts” In the Morelia International Film Festival.

“I am in an uncertain creative space where I have found much more space, which gives me scope to challenge, question and ridicule my novel. This is my state in which I have the courage to experiment”, explained the Mexican director during the festival’s opening conference in university cultural center.

Greetings to the literary authors

In this nearly three-hour feature film, Iñarritu shows all the literary references he has earned in these years, not only at the national level, but also at the international level. With textual references such as the scenes he did in CDMX Zócalo, where “Silverio Gama” is, the protagonist walks and light reflects various shadows. “That moment for me is always very Rulfo, because you don’t know if there’s a dead one, that’s my homage to him… It’s clearly not the sum of a certain thing, but it’s like a pozole, it’s that privilege of reading Mexican, Latin and world literature.”

He also cited authors such as Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar, and Gabriel García Márquez. He added, “It’s not just magical realism, it’s to me metaphysical literature we’re used to moving around…it’s a walk through consciousness and literature.”

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“Bardo” starring Daniel Jimenez Cacho
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custom character

movie stars Daniel Jimenez Kachou61, who, according to the character, also understood her, because it was he who, moments before the script reached him, felt a psychological state very similar to that of “Silverio“.

“I think he looked up to me for a moment in my life that I was in… with a history from the back and that as we got older we evaluate backwards, seeing the shortest time of what really started to wait. We did what we had left, and I was really the character “We didn’t need to create anything, I was able to try things I hadn’t done before and I had a lot of freedom but also a lot of confidence,” Jimenez Cacho said.

Dive into the details

The film also features performances by Griselda Siciliani, Ximena de la Madrid and Iker Sanchez, who were also present at the conference and talked about how important it is to be a part of this story; who has the production design for Eugenio Caballero, who stunned Iñárritu with his millimeter and groovy work of detail.

For Caballero, the challenge was to bring all the light the movie needed to the more absurd side of light but with plenty of depth. “We worked a lot on the layers, the film is very visualised, and every shot we shot had a lot of conversations about it, like the look, and we built parts of the set to see if the intuition was right, and we also decided to use saturated colors, because it’s a movie that adds a lot of color, That is why the fashion work with the additions was meticulous,” he explained.

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