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“Our policy is respected all over the world,” he said. Liz Truss in the last days of her tenureAs he tried to cling to power, he appealed to the unity of his fractured party and collapsed government. Her problem was that her deputies, while she was speaking, had come to the conclusion that as far as the country’s politics were respected, it was not. They realized what many of us had been warning them for months… They elected a worthless leader, and as a result, I became the shortest person to lead the government in our history.

It is true that British policy she was Respectable. in ancient times. our democracy and our parliamentary tradition, the liveliness of their debates, the expectation that politicians will tell the truth and, if they don’t, resign; the quality of political leaders who rose to the top; relative absence of corruption compared to other countries; Absolute commitment to the rule of law.

As many of the principles we took for granted for so long have vanished, respect for our policy, both at home and abroad, is in the rearview mirror. Lying is normalized. Corruption and nepotism were normalized; The rule of law and institutions designed to hold politicians to account have been deliberately undermined. Boris Johnson He was forced to leave office not because he was a liar and a lawbreaker, two facts long established in the public mind, but because the deputies conservatives They no longer see him as a winner. Now that Truss and his kamikaze mini-budget, on the basis of unfunded tax cuts and smooth public finances, have destroyed mortgages and citizens’ pensions, The Labor Opposition Gained a Lead in Opinion Polls Unimaginable yet. So she had to go too.

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The same lack of self-awareness that made her believe she was fit to take over as Prime Minister now passes to Johnson and her supporters, who believe she can return, despite her demotion, and despite the fact that she is investigating whether he lied to Parliament about his parties during the state of panic; This raises the tantalizing possibility that he will return to Downing Street, only to be forced again when the investigation is over.

In recent days, sometimes I had to turn off the phone, so many messages from abroad asking “what the hell happened to your country?”.

One word to explain the decline: Brexit

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As with any major event or trend, there is no easy answer. But if I were allowed one word to explain how we got here, it would be Brexit.

The referendum on June 23, 2016 was one of those moments when a country chooses to step back. I have now eaten four Prime Ministers, David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, and a fifth is due to arrive in a few days. five prime ministers in six years and four finance ministers in four months; This is the exchange rate that conservatives were joking about regarding Italy or the Banana Republics of the Third World. Now they are laughing at us all over the world. When former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev tweeted that lettuce had escaped truss, it is seen that our country is not taking it as seriously as it once did.

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Thanks to Brexit, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, we have not only seen the collapse of our economy, but also our global reputation. Now, the same people who gave us the two worst prime ministers in our history say they are the ones who will give us the next one, and we have to trust the MPs. conservatives To reduce the number of candidates to two, and then allow the party members who gave us gears to have the final say.

There is something very fitting about the fact that Johnson is acting crazy, which has fueled speculation that he will seek to become prime minister again despite his recent expulsion from Downing Street. Because the turning point in the decadence our politics and our country chose came thanks to him, thanks to his lies and Brexit, and the fact that no one was ever held responsible for it, or that Brexit was. The promise has nothing to do with the Brexit we have now.

Evidence of his success in completely shattering the standards of public life, anyone can even begin to imagine that he, a proven liar and lawbreaker with whom scandal will always be associated, must be the answer to the formidable challenges the country is currently facing. But it is evidence of the depths into which our policy has sunk. This is the new bad.

The good news is that as a result of the political chaos and economic catastrophe they have created, conservatives They are definitely over. After 12 years of an unjust austerity programme, a chaotic and self-destructive Brexit, and now a small-budget wrecking ball, the country feels it has had enough. The chances of forming a Labor government increased significantly. This, more than any real assessment of the national interest, explains the desperation conservatives To avoid the general election that many are asking for. They are finished. And they are fools if they can’t see it.

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Tough times require serious government. The conservativesbased on the horror show unfolding before the eyes of the world, they can’t spare.

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