PALP brings science closer to children and adults

It is open from Thursday to Sunday from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Entry is free and entry is required to provide a sanitation permit.

La Punta Astronomical Park (PALP), with its various proposals, offers both San Luis and tourists the opportunity to enter the world of science in a simple, playful and entertaining way.

The head of the Science Publishing Program, Javier Torres, said that science entertainment activities have experienced significant growth in recent years due to the number of people learning about various initiatives, especially those developed around the universe. and astronomical phenomena.

PALP opened on June 21, 2006 and has since been visited by 345,614 people. During the last month, 1184 Pontanos and tourists passed through it. “This season, the Guidance Secretariat offers activities for the whole family, from toddlers, children, teens and adults. Everyone enjoys the workshops that bring science closer,” the official said.

The park has specialized and trained personnel, which allows St. Louis and tourists to enjoy the proposals offered during the day and night, among which are workshops and scientific and technological experiments, such as the programmable model 4.0.

Another activity is virtual reality, where every visitor can experience and travel to any part of the world through this modern tool used in teaching, which allows transfer and exploration of the variables of time and space in an immersive way. In addition, there are functions of the planetarium, which is a simulation of the night sky, with explanations with professional guides, and observations can also be made using telescopes, two telescopes, one of which is made during the day to contemplate the sun using special filters that allow to observe the star closest to the Earth in detail, while The other is at night and you can see the planets, the moon, and various deep space objects, such as nebulae and star clusters, among other things.

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Note and photos: ULP Press.

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