Pacific Drive surprises us in its first promo for PC and PS5: Surviving and Driving After the Apocalypse

This video game will arrive next year with the goal of traveling through a highly polluted exclusion zone.

although playing condition Held at midnight from September 13-14, it was marked by impressive launches from Japanese companies, and there was also room for proposals from more alternative teams. This is the situation pacific drivedriving game and Survival From Ironwood Studios who will come to PS5Beside computerthis coming year makes us very intrigued with her trailer.

Inspired by the rhythm of the engine, Pacific Drive is a first-person survival driving game. As you explore the area, your vehicle is your only salvation. Find resources to preserve and car improvement; As long as you continue to work, you will be safe from the dangers around you, ”we read about him.

Find resources and improve the car: this is Pacific Drive Behind this assumption is the background of a conspiracy, specifically the one that takes us to 1955, when the US government seized an area of ​​the Pacific Northwest by expropriation to conduct all kinds of testing of new technologies with devastating effects on the world’s environment. place. He added, “The government has built a wall around the area and has erected a wall around the area Olympic exclusion zone. What happened inside was never revealed.”

The forbidden always arouses curiosity, and the hero of the video game will decide to infiltrate the place to besiege him later. You’ll find a truck that’s still working, an abandoned mechanic shop where you can repair and improve the car, and eventually, you’ll find a hub where you can travel in search of new resources. Ironwood Studios claims to have created a title where each mission is a unique experience.

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