65% of companies estimate there is a risk that Mexico will leave T-MEC

93 percent of 917 Shareholders and CEOs of small, medium and large Mexican companies Those surveyed by telephone expressed their disagreement with the final exit from the FTA between MexicoAnd the condition join s Canada (T-MEC). This is indicated by the last installment of Monitor business insightsFrom the consulting company Wears Consultantswith polls from August 1 to September 2, 2022. In addition, through a statement they indicate that 65% These business leaders believe, that there are a high risk or through the port Mexico from T-MEC.

In contrast, only 26% of this sample consider the risk of exit from the treaty low or no. Regarding the impact of this trade agreement with the Nordic countries, the survey found that a 86% of companies were consulted consider it very positive or something positive. On the other hand, 88% of the decision makers in these companies consider this very Negation Or the somewhat negative economic impact of Mexico’s departure from the treaty.

Recently the topic of Mexico’s possible exit from T-MEC has been under public discussion, from a Consultation request United States, on July 20, 2022. This is given with the argument that Mexico’s regulatory actions, in terms of Energetichad a negative impact on American companies in this sector, in favor of Federal Electricity Authority (palm) and Mexican oil (Pimex).

Within the treaty with the United States and Canada, three countries can Consultation requestwhich constitutes the non-controversial stage of The overall mechanism of dispute settlement. governments then 75 days To resolve the dispute during this non-controversial stage. If a satisfactory agreement is not reached, a commission may be requested to decide the matter in dispute.

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On the possible solution to the question put forward by the United States, the Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) I consider It shouldn’t be served in the first place. But he commented on August 25 saying:I think it can be resolved, because there is a will on our part and I also think that on the part of the United States governmentWhen asked at a press conference whether Mexico’s exit from the FTA is possible, he said:There is no possibility because there is a good relationship and respect“.

Regarding the said query, of the companies involved in monitoring business perceptions, half agree with the United States and Canada in their claim. In contrast, 28% support the Mexican government’s position in the trade dispute over the electricity sector in Mexico.

Among the business community consulted by Vestiga, the pro-T-MEC opinion prevails and just over half considers The Danger of Mexico Abandoning the Treaty. However, the Mexican government has ruled out this measure and claims that the interpretation of the treaty is on its part. In the meantime, states have 75 days, from presenting the consultation, to try and resolve this dispute in the first place.

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