“Once again, I don’t believe it”: The harrowing story of Erwin Tomehri, Chapecoense plane survivor who was saved from yet another tragedy

Erwin Tumiri remains in the hospital for observation

Erwin Tommery may be the star of an action movie. Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone can play this Bolivian who, in less than five years, is the victim of two fatal accidents that have claimed the lives of dozens of people: a tragedy. Chapquency s Bus crash in Cochabamba this week.

The 30-year-old was injured in a road accident that left 21 people dead in Bolivia. “I crawled outside and hit my knee, and I sat down and said again, I don’t believe it,” he told the newspaper. times With only superficial wounds, he is still being taken to a hospital in Cochabamba.

The bus accident occurred early Tuesday morning on a highway between Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, when a passenger bus fell off a slope about 150 meters deep, killing 21 people and wounding 30 others. The mechanic said, “The bus was driving, and there I grabbed the front seat, and knew that we were going to crash, because we were traveling at a high speed.” “She held out and was not dispersed until we hit the ground. “

This is how 21 people died on the bus (EFE)
This is how 21 people died on the bus (EFE)

After the accident, the mechanic said, rescuers came to help the wounded. He was not unconscious. “I think I was the first one to go upstairs,” he said. “I feel blessed. Thank God always.”

Tumiri was part of the crew of the Bolivia-registered LaMia airliner that crashed on November 28, 2016 near Medellin with the Brazilian national team. Chapecoense had to fight his first South American Cup final against Colombian club Atlético Nacional.

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The Colombian investigation concluded that the Avro RJ85 was destroyed due to lack of fuel. 71 people died in the accident, including 19 players on the team, in addition to most of their board members. Along with Tumiere, three footballers have survived, including Bolivian airline flight attendant Jimena Suarez and Brazilian journalist Rafael Henzel, who died in March 2019 of a heart attack.

He said in 2019 Infobae How was that experience on board: “I only heard the wind, because I am The pressure on the doors has been removedToumiri said, “I was looking for what could be wrong, because the water was already entering, because it was raining, it was entering through the door.” The lack of gasoline halted engines and depleted all of their energy from the plane, which was sliding uncontrollably toward its dire destination. “The lights went out, I could not see anything, the door wet me and everything happened as in a dream, as in a nightmare“.

“I stayed seated and When I got up I could only see the mud and the bloodstained whole plane“, He remembers.

In this hadith he explained it The tragedy was an opportunity that God gave him to preach his wordHowever, he did not conceal his anger when he mentioned the corruption behind LaMia: “There are so many family members affected, we shouldn’t hide that. I feel a little angry because a lot of people, I also speak on behalf of the crew, are getting hurt. For all players, soccer players. I don’t know what they really would be. But it’s annoying that they don’t come up with a solution. The deceased will not be delivered alive, but there has to be a reason. You have to reach the bottom“.

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