So you can animate photos with MyHeritage

New service platform My heritage, Which specializes in family trees, causes an absolute stir: Deep nostalgia allows us to resurrect our ancestors from a simple form. We explain how to access this cool animation tool using artificial intelligence from your Android device.

Imagine you had a black and white photo of a relative who you were not fortunate enough to meet. Steady, its contours are fixed and fixed at the moment of disappearance. OK then: Artificial intelligence can move such an image to almost bring life to the person pictured. And the best part is that you can get it directly from your Android device: this is Deep Nostalgia from MyHeritage. Be careful, it makes an impression.

Artificial intelligence brings photos to life. Literally

MyHeritage is a platform dedicated to families who want to preserve their memories for future generations. The company allows Create a complete family tree, provides DNA analysis It contains different sections in which it is possible to save from familiar data to pictures from photo albums. And this is exactly where a new feature exploded in its popularity points: deep nostalgia.

The aforementioned deep nostalgia applies different 3D face animation to static selfies (the photos should be in good enough condition). These images could be improved: The platform itself provides tools to automatically recover old photos. They work really well, just like Deep Nostalgia himself.

To revive your old photos (Always with selfies on topYou must do the following:

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  • Transfer the image you want to revive to the device where you will use Deep Nostalgia.
  • Download the MyHeritage app or access it from your mobile browser On the web. Currently the application looks saturated: if you cannot register, use the browser.
  • Touch Recording: Deep Nostalgia cannot be used without an account on MyHeritage. You can use email and password or use sign in Facebook Google.
  • Once you have your account, go to the “Photos” section. This button is located at the bottom of the cover and in the side menu on the left.
Deep nostalgia
  • Click “+” at the bottom and choose the image you want.
  • Click “Upload”: The image will be uploaded to your photo album.
  • Go to the uploaded image and click on it.
  • You will see several icons appear at the top. Click “Move”.
  • Wait for the AI ​​to analyze and revive the image – it might take half a minute.
  • Once the person has resurrected, you will see that MyHeritage provides you with the option to choose between different animations. Try to see the effect achieved with each one.
Deep nostalgia The download process from the mobile browser
  • If you are using a mobile browser, you can download the image page directly From this link. Then follow the application process: upload pictures from the camera icon (top part), click on the uploaded image and then on the motion icon.
  • When you choose the animation, click the button to download the video and it will download to the device. The only downside is that it will contain the MyHeritage watermark.

The process of animating old photos is straightforward, but a little cumbersome. In the event that the app does not offer an animation option (it appears that MyHeritage could have eliminated it), you can access Deep Nostalgia from a mobile browser. The results are identical.

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Deep Nostalgia is an integrated service on MyHeritage. It is free for a limited number of images. In case the platform won’t allow you to animate more photos Try to use the web service from your mobile browser.

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