On Netflix Why is The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight worth watching?

How likely is it that a meeting between two strangers at the airport will end in a romantic relationship? This is what the premiere is for Netflix The statistical probability of love at first sightWith good weapons, escaping the clichés of the genre, with brilliant dialogue and believable performances, even if they do crazy things.

Romantic comedies, like all genres, have their keys. In the plots, the spouses generally know each other or are previously established, for some reason they drift apart and meet again in the last minutes.

Ben Hardy and Haley Lu Richardson and their first meeting. Netflix pictures

The attractive thing about this movie is that no matter how much chance, fate, will or whatever you want to call it does something, the plot continues, the pace never falters and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

She has two interpreters with familiar faces. Of those whom we remember but whose names we do not know.

American Hadley Sullivan (Haley Lu Richardson), who came to film in Argentina Final process(With Oscar Isaac and Ben Kingsley, about the capture of Nazi Adolf Eichmann) He must travel to London, because his father is getting married for the second time. Hadley is usually late everywhere, and this will be no exception. He has missed his flight, and since the wedding is at noon the next day, he has no choice but to pay for a business ticket to arrive on time on the next flight.

Haley Lou Richardson came to Argentina to film the film “Operation Final” about Adolf Eichmann.

Well, Hadley’s opposite is Oliver Jones (Ben Hardy, who plays Roger Taylor, Queen’s drummer in bohemian rhapsody). English, the math nerd, not only arrives on time, but his cell phone is usually fully charged. Through these coincidences, Oliver hears that Hadley needs a charger. They look at each other, are attracted to each other, and fall in love with each other. Another coincidence is that Oliver has a ticket for Hadley’s new flight, but in economy class.

Remember? Ben Hardy was Roger Taylor, Queen’s drummer on “Bohemian Odyssey.”

If you want more coincidences, Oliver’s seat belt buckle is broken, so they move him to Business. Yes, they got it right: they seated him next to Hadley.

Credible dialogues

For a comedy to work, start, take off, and move forward, it needs not only good dialogue, but also plot setbacks.

Oliver doesn’t tell the whole truth to sweet Hadley, when she sees that he’s wearing a suit on a hanger, because he’s coming back to say goodbye to his sick mother who’s about to die, but he wants the funeral. To be alive with her, to get drunk, eat and dance.

Coincidences – and good dialogue – work in this romantic comedy’s favor.

Of course Hadley’s cell phone will break, and it will seem impossible for them to meet again.

“The statistical probability of love at first sight”

Romantic comedy. UK/USA, 2023. Original title: “love at first sight”. 91′, Sam 13. to: Vanessa Caswell. with: Haley Lu Richardson, Ben Hardy, Rob Delaney, Dexter Fletcher, Sally Phillips. Available in: Netflix.

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