Officially Announcing Rocket League for Android and iOS

Rocket League comes with iOS and Android

Rocket League is one of the most popular PC and console games in recent years, although it has been losing some power in favor of alternatives like Fall Guys or between us. Well, if you like this soccer game where you will have to show your skills as a pilot to score and defend yourself from competing attacks then you are in luck.

Side periodic missile It is the name of the new release that Psyonix announced today for its famous title, but this time the game has been much thought over For iOS devices such as Android. And that means all this assumed madness is that the game we’ve seen on PC, Playstation and Xbox is now in the palm of your hand.

Same essence, but with limitations

Rocket League SideSwipe can be described as a miniature Rocket League. That by saying, The essence is the sameHowever, due to playing on a mobile device with a smaller screen and because the game in these games is usually more informal than fast games, a series of restrictions have been applied.

This time Psyonix game Determine the number of opponents In football matches these are specifically to 1 or 2 at most. That is, it will be like those neighborhoods or schoolyards where you challenge yourself with a friend or, at most, another couple.

On the other hand, the game will also have a shorter time duration. Just two minutes is what you will try to record Maximum number of goals against your opponent or try not to score any goals against you. Sometimes not everything is offensive and good defending allows you to win matches. Or are you someone who also believes that the best defense is a good attack?

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However, regardless of these differences or limitations regarding the original game that many of us are familiar with, the most important thing is the ability to play on a mobile device with a touch screen. There its managers seem to have taken the time to move the car and do all that ammo from turns and turns which is easy for anyone starting to play with it for the first time.

Logically, as your driving skills improve, you will be able to implement more advanced mechanics that will give you more advantages when playing against more experienced users.

And yes, I finally tell you that There will be a rating system This will give you a competitive advantage that will motivate many a lot. Although it seems that all of these will not be the only surprises, they have already warned in the coming months that more news will come to this game which, for the time being, is in the alpha phase.

Release day

real time There is no specific release date From Rocket League SideSwipe. The intention is that before the end of the year the final release for Android and iOS will arrive, but we will have to wait to see how this first version will go and the potential failure they discover, as well as the comments of those who experience it during this time.

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