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Former Finance Minister Nicholas Dugovnyonce again in the crosshairs of the appeal of a complaint lodged by the lawyer Daniel Trav. In the document presented, there are allegations Triangulation operations and money diversions, which are carried out with the participation of other people and banks of foreign origin located in Argentinafrom one or more offshore accounts in the State of Delaware, United States.”

The complainant based his presentation on an investigation conducted by the journalist Thomas Mendes On his radio show, where he broadcast WhatsApp dialogues Dujovne is credited with a money table operator to withdraw dollars from Argentina abroad.

Among those assumptions Destinations include accounts in Uruguay, Switzerland and the United States. The complaint links the “flight” of foreign currency to the taking of external debt in its last stage in 2018 with the International Monetary Fund.

The case was registered with No. 708/2022 It invokes a violation of Article 303 of the Penal Code, which stipulates penalties from three to ten years in prison and a fine of between two and ten times the value of the operation for the crime of “money laundering”.

The complaint asserts that it was “an illegal loan, as it was implemented with the complicity of the then Head of State, other ministers and official members of the National Parliament” and the case is now the responsibility of the Federal Court Marcelo Martinez de Giorgi.

The complainant requested the intervention “due to judicial and institutional implications”, from the Financial Information Unit (UIF), the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Economic Crimes and Money Laundering (PROCELAC) and the Anti-Corruption Office.

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This is not the first scandal of the former minister. In 2018, another press investigation revealed that the then-President of the Treasury Department entered the money laundering program before he was appointed by the president. Mauricio Macri. According to the information in the publication, Dugovny laundered $20 million through a company called Florentine Global.


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