Concern grows over Gerardo Rosen’s health

At this time sadness spreads in the corridors of television channels and the conversations of journalists when the news is known that .’s health status Gerardo Rosen51 years old, very sensitive. According to reports, the famous producer and host (who left this week murphy rock In the hands of Ivan de Pineda) He’s been battling a malignancy for months.

They asked the channel “respect and caution” In a brief statement they also confirmed that since they have news, they will be informed in due course.

In November last year, In an interview with LA NACION, Person in charge of courses like thanks for coming; books tonight; And the Murphy, everyone at the table Talk about his health at the time, and It hints at the license obtained from Telefe shortly after the start of the new season of the successful shipment in March.

Gerardo Rosen explained the reason for his absence from Murphy: “I have health problems.”

“I’m going to take a vacation. I’m dealing with a health problem that looks good fortunately”He said on that occasion before leaving for a month. “I missed four weeks, I had a health problem. I took the time at first to understand because I didn’t fully understand what was happening to me. If I had to tune it up, I’d tell you I’ve really had moments of great anxiety. Fortunately, so far, everything has turned out to be unusual. ”, said this broker. “I’m fine,” he added.

In the same conversation, the driver admitted that he was afraid, but preferred to keep this aspect of his life away from the media. I don’t publicly comment on details I may not have told my family about, but I’m fine. But yeah, I was scared, I got scared.”And the Limit it to saying, then focus on how to make it resume well Murphy, He was warmly received by his partner Jessica Sirio, the musicians and the production team.

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“I am very happy to be back,” Rosen said when addressing her fans and colleagues on May 23, 2021. “I took four weeks off because there are some healthy things that happily are OK, but I needed to take my time,” tell, and also advance that he will do the program ‘from the outside’ as it ‘is done when we are not sure of the use of outer space’, to explain.

On April 4, Cirio opened the program in an unusual way. “Girardo will not be here today because he has an irregular heartbeat”, The co-driver explained, then offered reassurance. “Don’t worry because it’s okay,” he explained. On the same day, Rosen responded to a query from this broker and said she felt “relaxed”, but was “resting all day”. The following Sunday, via Zoom and before he completely missed the session, he decided to reappear to talk about what was happening to him: “I wanted to join for a while, I don’t want to interrupt the dynamics of the program, which is very good. Last Sunday, I was absent for a day, And I said ‘I’m going to do some studies’ and specifically what we found is I’m going to take a few more days,” he explained.

Gerardo Rosen explained the reason for his absence from Murphy: “I have health problems.”

Rosen said she would take time off for Focus on your recovery. He told his loyal fans who sent him warm messages on social media: “I have some health issues that happily look good and can be resolved, nothing is more serious than it could have been, but this requires me to study and work on it.” Program networks.

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