News from Congress – Mexico's opportunities with the United States and Canada are analyzed

In order to address challenges at the regional level, the Senate Foreign Relations Committees met with the head of the State Department's North American Unit, Roberto Velasco Alvarez, to address issues related to the scope and opportunities arising from diplomatic efforts. Relations between Mexico, the United States and Canada

The Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Elvia Marcela Mora Arellano (PES), stressed the vitality of weaving controls related to migrant affairs, in addition to recognizing the efforts of the Advisory Network in this regard. In this scenario, he highlighted the strengthening of bilateral dialogue in addressing environmental issues, regulation of artificial intelligence and electoral matters.

In her participation, Chair of the North American Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Gina Andrea Cruz Blackledge, analyzed the opportunities inherent in the phenomenon of resettlement at the national level. He stated that confronting the challenges in the region's natural, technological, economic and human resources is important to expand the horizons of trilateral relations.

The Senator stressed, among other topics, attention to citizens abroad, stressing the importance of protecting their rights and providing them with the necessary assistance.


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