New York drivers have been upset by noise cameras popping up all over the city

New York drivers have been upset by noise cameras popping up all over the city

Drivers to new York He was disturbed by the appearance Cameras to Noise. The state authorities have spoken and given a scope of measures that will be taken to reduce Audio pollution In the aforementioned country.

Earlier in the week, City Councilman Keith Powerspublished a new report focusing on points Audio pollution inside New York. This is so that something can be done at the legislative level.

Apparently, the first action will be to put it Noise rooms. In February 2022, Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) The company installed these audio devices throughout the city as part of a pilot program, which received both support and disapproval from many people.

This procedure will be used to detect annoying cars. the Noise rooms They will take pictures of the license plate so that the fine can be activated which will be sent directly to the motorist. The amount repeat offenders can pay can be up to $2,000.

According to the media, “These cameras are activated when they detect a sound with a strength of 85 decibels or more at a distance of about 15 meters.” Gothamist. This means, for example, that a heavy tow tractor traveling at 40 mph would be Fined.

According to the report sent by the council member, more than a third of calls to 311 in the first quarter of 2023 were about inquiries related to the topic. Audio pollution. The truth is that these records can be a big problem for many drivers.

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On October 28, many officials expected seven to be submitted Bills related to this matter; But the meeting was postponed to October.

On the one hand, it is about setting parameters for what noise levels will be considered unreasonable, whether coming from public spaces, private spaces or construction sites. On the other hand, they want to find ways to make the population comply with the new normative. In this context, Noise rooms.

The authorities are seeking to clarify the noise levels that will be considered noise pollutants.

What the authorities are looking for new York That you are Noise rooms They are evenly distributed throughout the city.

Erica Walker, a professor of epidemiology at Brown University School of Public Health, also discussed the future distribution of these machines. “Unless these cameras are distributed evenly throughout New York City, they will tend to be placed largely in non-white areas, and will be used largely against non-white people,” he commented. Gothamist.

levels Noise It does not differ from one place to another and the definition of excessive noise depends on the local environmental level. “Loudness is not the only aspect of sound that causes discomfort to residents,” he said. Walker.

the old Noise code He noted that the unreasonable noise was at 7 dB(A) or higher than ambient levels between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Meanwhile, the new proposal includes daytime limits of no more than 10 dB(A) or higher than ambient levels. Between 7:00 A.M. And 10:00 pm for the same distances.

The proposed code also sets limits for voice Impulsive, bursts and sudden Noise Such as firecrackers, gunshots or explosions. When these Noise At or above 15 dB(A) ambient sound levels are considered unreasonable.

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