Heavy criticism of a former State Department official over Patagonia wildfires

Silvia Vásquez, the former director of environmental affairs at the Foreign Ministry led by Philip Sola, has leveled severe criticism against the government over Patagonia forest fires. The department is headed by Environment Minister Juan Cabande 37% of the funds were not used last year Directed to the fire management plan, the Environment Minister said Juan Cabande He traveled this week to Patagonia “disguised as a Brigadista”.

“They misrepresented the 2020 budget and now they travel to the scorched areas just to take the photo. Disguised as a brigadier general, as was (former minister Sergio) Bergman disguised as a flying “, Sula, the former official, who resigned last November from her post at the Foreign Ministry said. He added, “You have a lower budget than it was in 2017, and on top of that, you are falling short in implementing the budget.” Vasquez, In an outspoken criticism of Minister Cabandié.

The former official added, in an interview with: “Last year we lost a million hectares due to forest fires. There are no prevention or fire-fighting tools. The government allocates 10 times more money to support fossil fuels than the Ministry of Environment allocates.” Clarion.

Vázquez is the radical K, Head of the Green Party, a political group still part of the Todos Front He supported running for the presidency Alberto Fernandez. For this reason, Minister Sola appointed her Director of Environmental Affairs at the State Department, a position she resigned last November due to disagreements regarding her specific field of administration. And each time it is seen far from the official alliance.

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This week, when bushfires broke out in Patagonia, he questioned the former Sola Cabande official and tweeted, “It’s a problem” officials who are not working. The 2020 budget has not been implemented by 37%.Defend so hard in 2021 that the national system has only 0.003% of the budget. It is the problem that occurs when “officials who are not working” assemble a “small box from outside” (another for + a) to increase the uninterrupted tax pressure in our country. Always pay out of someone else’s pocket. “

Once again #ArgentinaEnLlamas. Once again the government was late and bad for the appointment. Once again, he is preparing a “ministerial trip” for the occasion. “We had to defend the budget to provide the national fire management system with the means,” Vásquez said on his Twitter account.

His criticism has been responded to on social media Sergio FederovskyDeputy Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation: “It must be reported. Thanks to the project promoted by AmbienteNacion, the firefighting plan now has a fund of 3 per 1,000 insurance policies, which By 2021, five times the 2020 budget “It allows for an expectation of investments in the future,” said Thani Cabandier.

Vásquez replied: “The people of Lago told Boilo, Chollela, the Dead, and El Paulson, tell the wounded, the 200 evacuated, the 44 million Argentines who lost more than a million hectares in 2020 and more than 40,000 hectares in just two months.. Tell them …”

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The debate was also joined by the legislator in Buenos Aires on the left front, Gabriel Solano, who said: “Did you know that the government nominally reduced 30% of the budget for the National Fire Management Plan despite the frequent fires? $ 000 when in 2020 it was $ 441,000,000. What does Cabande say about this mod? ”

It is that forest fires are becoming an increasingly common phenomenon. this week Thousands of hectares were burned in Río Negro and Chubut, More than 200 homes were burned, with one person missing and 30 injured, resulting in a woman being critically burned. And there Minister Cabandié traveled.

“Since the time of Maria Julia the Sogarai, the country has been set on fire. But the current government Subsidize fossil fuels by more than 10 times the environment budget. So the money is there, but you are putting it into something else, ”Vasquez concluded in an interview with Clarion.

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