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February It is the month that Disney + Spain Welcomes star, A new service on the platform that aims to combine adult content that does not fit their family’s approach. It will be day 23 when it launches, and this is what it highlights in The full list of firsts From Disney + that month.

All upcoming Disney + movies

‘Crystal jungle’

One of the best action movies ever. With John McTiernan behind the cameras, Bruce Willis wasting charisma, Alan Rickman an unforgettable villain, and Reginald Viljonson bringing some heart to the story, it’s a movie that he still enjoys for the first time despite its release already. 33 years.

February 23

Criticism in Espinov

  • Cinderella: Rodgers and Hammerstein February 12th
  • Snowflake: February 19
  • Flora and Ulysses: February 19
  • ‘Alien’: February 23
  • Ramona and her sister: February 26th

All series are coming to Disney +

With Love Victor

A teen comedy released by Hulu in the US and located in the same universe as “With Love, Simon”. Its first season consists of ten episodes and has already been renewed for a second series of episodes. The protagonist has the face of Michael Cimino, who plays a teenager trying to find his place in life and better understand his sexuality.

February 23

‘Heaven is big’

A new series by David E. Kelley and starring Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury premiering in the US on ABC. It tells of the hunt for two sisters who were kidnapped by a truck driver, and the actors also include Ryan Philip, Brian Geraghty, Didi Pfeiffer, Natalie Allen Lind, Jade Pettigon, Jesse James Kettle, and John Carroll Lynch.

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February 23

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