Netflix series offers powerful mental health lessons

It was only a matter of time before series and movies were on Netflix They will also treat mental health problems such as anxiety or depression.

With the worldwide cause booming, this was necessary Start posting these topics from a realistic perspective and without taboos To give us the tools, or at least get rid of the shame if we suffer from some of them.

Netflix series with an interesting look at mental health

after life

The black humor and realism in this series captivate. – Pinterest.

Spanish magazine she, places it as the first title in this category to be labeled “Not Allowed” by the streaming service. The star of this production is comedian Ricky Gervais who plays a widower dealing with mourning the loss of his wife.

In his journey he goes through many stages: from suicidal thoughts, depression and deep sadness that makes him attack others without any kind of filters, so you will laugh and be moved at the same time.

day to day

More closely related to comedy is this sitcom that presents a family with Latino roots in the United States and especially Penelope, the mother, who She suffers from anxiety and depression problems but has to stop treatment without the doctor’s permission. There the audience will see that their ups and downs are managed like most: juggling.

external rotation

The Ruthlessness of Bipolar Disorder Revealed Like Never Before – Pinterest.

According to the same source, this is one of the Netflix series about mental health which is mandatory as it showcases the vulnerability of suffering from a disorder.

In this case, the protagonist, is bipolar and gets a new chance to compete at the highest level in skating, However, his condition has consequences on a social and physical level.

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please like me

This British series is an emotional journey. – Pinterest.

Josh out of nowhere is left without a girlfriend because she thinks he’s gay. However, he will need your help and that of his best friend To make the rest of her family understand her new sexual orientation while dealing with her depressed mother.

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