This is how Netflix built its Westminster Abbey to film Queen Charlotte

The universe surrounding the monarchy can be fascinating. Proof of this is the success of such series the crown or even Queen Charlotte: A Story of the Bridgerton Familytwo Netflix stories capable of leaving us stunned when it comes to their representation on screen, either with real characters or with legends like the ones created from The Bridgertons.

In the spin-off of this latest series, also based on a true story We attended a coronation ceremonyshot in a very neat and visually beautiful sequence that had to be planned by production designer David Ingram.

When filming the coronation scene of Queen Charlotte (played by India Amarteview in the series), Ingram thought they were lucky because the fairy tale was filmed in the United Kingdom. We managed to get the cart. “They rented it, designed it, reupholstered it and painted it,” Ingram said of the replica they used.

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However, the golden carriage was the least of his problems. The real challenge was to rebuild Westminster Abbey on displaytraditionally used to celebrate coronations, weddings and royal funerals.

When Ingram went to the central London site, he wanted to get close to see the throne used in the coronation. “I think that One of the oldest monuments stay in the UK. There was a lot of graffiti, because Westminster students and visitors carved their names in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as carvings that have been preserved for generations. It’s unbelievable.”

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Coronation scene in “Queen Charlotte”.

In one of Ingram’s notes, he notes how much the abbey has changed, such as the fact that the organ now sits in the centre. The publication that was necessary with the visual effects would have been massive and We weren’t able to get what we wanted or light the place the way we wanted. In the end, it was all about the logistics of closing Westminster Abbey and taking control of the place to get the outcome we wanted.”

for this reason, He decided to found his own Westminster Abbey To incorporate all the elements I was looking for. “We built it on a platform. We built the altar, the floor and the walls. On the other side, we had a piece in the front that we ran through to give the sense of a fourth wall,” he said.

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Ingram also said that they built the pillars of the abbey and that he covered them as they would have done in 1760 when preparing a show of this caliber. By building his own monastery, Ingram was able to show all the grandeur of this landscape in a very original way.

“It’s a very rich film set. The floor is full of green tiles. The drapery is very deep red velvet, and, yeah, We build the throne even though it is not deteriorated or painted as the real one.”he added.

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