Netflix | Milkshake Powder: When will the movie be released starring Marvel actress | spoiler

Gunpowder Milkshake It is one of the last projects released on the Netflix streaming service, although it is not a production of it, but it belongs to The Picture Company, Babelsberg Studio and StudioCanal. The platform served as a distributor, as it has on other occasions, and at the moment it has only reached the United States. When will it be available in Latin America and Spain?

What is the movie talking about? Official summary: “Eva was the most important thing in the turbulent life of her mother, Scarlett. But her enemies forced Scarlett to flee, leaving everything, including her daughter. Years later, Eva became a cold-blooded killer in her mother’s footsteps. After losing control of a mission, exposing a girl An innocent 8-year-old at risk, Eva had no choice but to confront her unscrupulous ex-boyfriends. Scarlett and her gang had no choice but to go back to try and help her.”.

This action movie that has already been discussed in some countries is written and directed by Navot Babushado. Regarding the crew, we find many recognized stars from Marvel, Game of Thrones, DC Comics and more: Karen Gillan (Poisonous) , Lina Headey (carmine), Carla Gugino (Madeline), Chloe Coleman (Emily), Ralph Inson (Jim McAllister), Adam Njettis (Virgil), Michael Smiley (Dr. Ricky), Michelle Yeoh | (Florence), Angela Bassett (Anna May) y Paul Giamatti (Nathan).

The specialized press criticized the criticism: Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 64% approval and on Metacritic it got 48/100. “It offers little interesting things to do for the heroes and it’s an adaptation of a comic written only to be sold for some studies”The Hollywood Reporter said on the negative side. On the side of those who raised their thumbs, like Ready Steady Cut, said: “Skillful, daring and very charismatic. Brilliant and innovative Western”.

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+ When is the gunpowder milkshake released?

As mentioned, the movie is already available on the US platform, but the distribution agreement was for that region only. this is the reason Gunpowder milkshakes will hit theaters in Latin America sometime this year, where there is no exact date yet, and it will be released in Spain in September, also in theaters..

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