Netflix has published the second part of a documentary series on climate change

the The second part of a climate change documentary has arrived in the Netflix catalog. It comes to Our Second Planet, UK Natural Production.

This sequel is titled “our planet 2 “in English, to the streaming platform with Four episodes of 50 minutes each. Directed by Adam Chapman, Hugh Pearson, Hugh Cordy, Sophie Lanphier, Mandy Stark, and Jeff Wilson.

This documentary series “Explores and unravels the mystery of how and why animals migrate, revealing some of the natural world’s most exciting stories.”

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Our Second Planet is all the rage on Netflix featuring great visuals of what’s going on in the animal world these days.


Synopsis of Our Planet II, the Netflix documentary on climate change

It explores and unravels the mystery of how and why animals migrate, presenting some of the most exciting and compelling stories from the natural world through stunning and innovative cinematography.points to our second planet summary.

In the second season just released on the platform, each chapter deals with the behavior of a range of species, They move en masse in search of a new home to which they must adapt in order to survive.

Episodes of this English documentary last for 50 minutes, during which the viewer can appreciate the wonderful images and observe the fascinating details of the different species in their habitat.

In the first season, a presentation is made of the different ecosystems that make up the world, and raises the importance of preserving these habitats, which correspond to each of the species. But climate change continues to advance, and in Season 2 we just get to see that How the environment has forced animals to withdraw from areas that have long been their homes as a result of human actions.

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Our second planet trailer

Our second planet | Official Trailer | Netflix

Cast of Our Planet II team

The voices of the documentary Our Second Planet are responsible for:

  • David Attenborough (original in English version)
  • Penelope Cruz (Spain)
  • Salma Hayek (Latin America)

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