Netflix and UNWTO at FITUR SCREEN analyze the impact of Spanish production on tourism


Netflix, UNWTO – World Tourism Organization and Spanish Film Commission have analyzed in a roundtable the effects of Spanish production on generating tourism in our country. On this second day of FITUR SCREEN, a preview of the study conducted on the impact of international entertainment services on cultural convergence and tourism was presented, which allowed us to put figures on the phenomenon of “screen tourism” in Spain.

Thus, up to 47% of subscribers who viewed Spanish content confirmed that they considered Spain a future vacation destination, and up to 69% were interested in our monuments and sites.

Carlos RosadoThe head of the Spanish Film Commission highlighted “Significant impact” That this investigation will be “On Defining Strategies for Promoting Screen Tourism in Spain”. A model that fits perfectly with today’s safe tourism, which contributes to seasonal adaptation and encourages travelers’ arrival for cultural reasons.

Director of Public Policy, Netflix Spain, Hope IbanezHe sheds light on the role the platform plays in spreading Spanish films and series around the world. Among the countries where subscribers see more Spanish content are 58% in Argentina (58%), Brazil (57%), Germany (41%) or the United States (37%).

The progress of the study conducted with the World Tourism Organization has revealed some data on how this high prevalence translates into greater attraction towards the countries that produce this content: Up to 47% of viewers of Spanish products confirmed that they include Spain within their potential. Places on vacation, over Japan (40%) or Canada (42%).

On the one hand, the research shows how this interest in Spanish cinema and series has also generated a keen interest in aspects of Spanish culture such as monuments and sites (69%), gastronomy (67%), history (53%) or language. (50%).

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The presentation was also attended by Director of the Associate Members Department of the World Tourism Organization, Ion Felco. Expert Professor of Screen Tourism, Antonia Del Rey; DISAL Consulting, Naomi Jimeric, moderated by journalist Marta Fernandez.

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