Neil Gaiman mocks criticism of his series

with Sandman Quickly climb to the top of the most viewed lists in netflix, Writer Neil Jaman It comes very high. Something very noticeable in his social networks, and this led the writer to develop a strange hobby: Gathering reviews attacking the show for a large number of LGBT personalities.

in that tumblr (Stranger), Creator Morpheus (Tom Sturridge) He compiled a set of opinions, posted on IMDB, spilling the usual charges. “I would have given it a 10 if it wasn’t for so much gay shit” “Everyone looks gay and eats each other’s mouths all the time”, “Welcome to a world where straight people don’t exist”, “I’ve never seen a series with so many “wake up” In my life, are some of its features.

Gaiman is smart enough to label one of these posts “some ‘helpful’ opinions” in case you have any doubts about the vision Sandman”. And in another movie, he explains why he decided to fill in his original comic for Capital With characters that aren’t straight or heterosexual, something that (in 1988) turned into a great little revolution in the world of comics.

The author begins that the text is dedicated “to everyone who grumbles and complains that it has been modified.” Sandman Extra gay ‘for no reason’.

Gaiman remembers that comics started being published when the government was Margaret Thatcher Issued in the UK The invitation Section 28a “really miserable law” that not only banned teaching in schools about homosexuality as an “acceptable way of life or a supposed family relationship” but also threatened to withdraw funding from institutions or organizations that “promote” sexual diversity.

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Faced with this action (“deliberately confusing, to strengthen homophobia and frighten activists,” according to Gaiman), the London writer decided to respond with his cartoons. This is the context in which it was published Sandman”, explains. “It came out beautifully, wonderfully and thoughtfully Like me from the host.

La serie de Netflix, prosigue, “no ha cambiado la sexualidad de ningún personaje. Todo lo que ha hecho ha sido respetarla en una época en la que hacerlo no podría ser más importante. Cuando las leyes como la ‘Sección 28’ au est once again”.

In addition to publishing a comic, it was set up with a cartoonist Brian Talbot An anthology of comics against homophobia promoted Alan Moore (watch man), Neil Gaiman says goodbye and explains a little more about what his business is all about, in case someone hasn’t figured it out yet.

“Sandman It talks about expectations, legacies, and families. It is a rejection of grand narratives and false ideals. It is about facing the darkest places in the world to find the most authentic version of yourself,” he writes. “Of course people are,” he asserts. Like me We are the center of this story. We have always been.”

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