NASA’s Curiosity rover discovered a “duck” on Mars

For ten years, it was NASA’s Curiosity probe Walk Mars Searching for signs of past life, but also taking great pictures of the Red Planet. Over time, pareidolia took hold, a human tendency to discover familiar aspects in inanimate shapes such as the “little faces” seen in a cavity.

at this opportunity, hiker The spacecraft found an impressive rock in the shape of a duckwhich are added to other results of this kind such as a fish, a cat, a portion of spaghetti and even a secret door.

NASA recorded the fall of a meteorite on Mars, which blew water into the air

This new photo was taken on October 22nd Andrea Luck has recently been promoting it on social media. In the photos, you can see the rock with a prominent beak-like bulge, above a short shape that could be the body of a bird.

Science on Mars and animal rocks

The Curiosity rover is currently exploring Mount Sharp, a mountain that forms a central peak in the center of Gale Crater. According to a blog from ContainerScientists think so This area harbors streams and ponds On Mars billions of years ago, which left behind minerals and mud deposits after drying out.

Rover Curiosity
Rover Curiosity

IFL Science explains that these areas have become layers of stone, eroded over billions of years by the planet’s winds and dust storms, resulting in strange geological features, as on this occasion, in the shape of a duck.

Mysterious ‘door’ seen on Mars sparks conspiracy theories: Scientists explain

On another occasion, the Chinese rover Yutu 2 found an ancient “moon cube” and a “strange hut” that eventually turned out to be just rocks.

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Curiosity spent 3,647 sols – Martian days – in planet red and still works perfectly.


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