NASA is investigating a mysterious blue stone found on the Red Planet by the Tennessee Spacecraft

The NASA He shared a photo of a mysterious bluish stone that was found by gnawing DeterminationWho have been studying the Martian surface since February, looking for signs of ancient life.

Although Mars is most commonly associated with the color red (hence its name “The Red Planet”), the stone that it found perseverance, about 15 cm, Appears blue-green with dots that glow across the entire surface of the surface.

“As the helicopter is getting ready, I can’t help but look at the nearby rocks. This strange rock has made my science team exchange many hypotheses. If you look closely, you might see the row of laser markers where I hit it for more information.”, Wrote the official profile. For Rover in Twitter.

Days ago, a camera on NASA’s “persevering” rover on Mars spotted the first mission dust demon, moving across the terrain of the Jizero Crater. Photo: DPA

The rover laser is designed for Destruction of Mars rocks In order to collect data on the geology of the planet. When heated to thousands of degrees, its fragments evaporate into plasma. At this time, the rover mast-mounted SuperCam can photograph it for later chemical composition analysis.

In addition to that, the effects sound also provides valuable information. Based on its severity, conclusions can be drawn about it Physical structure.

In response to several inquiries among tweet comments about the origin of these points, the US Space Agency admitted that it has not yet been determined Exact origin From the rock. Key hypotheses indicate that it could be the result of local bedrock erosion, or a part of Mars thrown into the region by a “distant collision” or meteor.

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It will take about a month of persistence to thoroughly examine the rover and download a new flying program to prepare for its search for ancient life on Mars.

This six-wheeled vehicle is about 3 meters long and weighs 1025 kilograms, as it searches on Mars. Signs of past microbial life It collects selected samples of rocks and sediments for future shipment to Earth.

He carries two microphones that capture the voice of Mars, and a small microphone Four-legged helicopter Less than 2 kilograms is called Ingenuity, and it is now ready to take off and will attempt its first controlled flight and operation on another planet.

Deployment of the Ingenuity helicopter, now separated from the spacecraft, has begun.  picture.  DPA

Deployment of the Ingenuity helicopter, which has now taken off from the spacecraft, has commenced. picture. DPA

Perseverance is also a hallmark The geology and climate of MarsFor this purpose, stone-piercing augers are made to extract about thirty samples in test tubes. It will also pave the way for future human exploration beyond the moon.

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