Adaptation in the United States, goals with Austin and the Red Dream

Paraguay abroad

April 2 21:22

In July 2020, Rodney Redes became the first official signing in the history of Austin FC, which will play as of this season in the Major League Soccer.

The Paraguayan attack, who trained at the Guarani quarry, held its first press conference as a player on the green team on Friday and talked about his adaptation to the new culture he must live in, as well as mentioning how he prepares for the start of the competition.

“I feel very good. Every day I adapt better. Adapting to the culture and the language was not easy, but I do. I am here to work and learn with the team,” he said.

He also confirmed that he is gradually “adjusting” to coach Josh Wolf’s demands and that the goals in previous friendly matches serve him a lot to continue his growth. “It will help me gain confidence and reach the championship well,” he said.

On the other hand, he talked about his dream: to play for the Paraguayan national team. “This has been my dream since I was a kid to wear the Paraguay jersey. I’m excited about it and want to be there. I’ll always work 100% and wait for the coach to call,” he said.

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Paraguay abroad

April 2 20:37

San Lorenzo added their second successive victory in the Argentine championship, beating Central on Friday in Nuevo Gasometer. After a long time, Oscar and Angel Romero started the game and finished all the minutes.

They were both great champions in Barcelona’s victory and Angel arrived at the goal in the last minute of the match to rule in a match they had already won.

The first goal of the match was scored by the team’s top scorer, Franco de Santo, after receiving a rebound from a free kick by Oscar Romero.

In the final minutes of the match, Oscar and Angel were the main players for San Lorenzo to maintain ball possession and avoid counter-attacks from the opposing team, until the referee’s goal reached.

This led to the reaction of the midfielders, which ended with two expulsions: their captain Emiliano Vecchio and Lautaro Acosta.

With this victory, “Cuervo” rises in the table of Group A in the Professional League Cup and ranks seventh with 11 points, but only one point in the qualifying area.


Paraguay Football Association

April 2 18:45

This Friday, Francisco Ars is celebrating another year of life. The coach who currently runs Cerro Portino is 50 years old, in the middle of a good moment at his club which he just won a title at Apertura 2020.

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His remarkable career as a football player and also as a coach has brought congratulations and congratulations from his former clubs in Brazil and even from FIFA, for his past and leadership of the Paraguayan soccer team.

Nor did he lack the good wishes of his bitter opponent, but where he also knew how to be a champion as a coach in 2015, which was unprecedented for a coach in Paraguayan football.

Through its social networks, Olympia wished “our 40th star participant” a happy birthday, specifically remembering the 2015 Clausura, where in a final match against Cerro Portino, Franjeado reached the 40th domestic title in his history.

“We congratulate exDT, Francisco Ars, co-star of our No. 40 star. Congratulations, Czech teacher!” Congratulate the fringed entity, says.


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