NASA and the seven minutes of terror that will pass through the perseverance to land on Mars

After nearly 470 million kilometers, NASA’s Perseverance rover will complete its journey to Mars on February 18, 2021, with the goal of searching for traces of past life in Crater Lake.

However, to reach the surface of the Red Planet, it has to survive The tragic final stage Known as entry, lineage, and decline.

In a period of approximately “ seven minutes of terror, ” as NASA defines this type of maneuver, the spacecraft slows from about 19,500 kilometers per hour in the upper part of the Martian atmosphere to nearly 3 kilometers per hour landing time.

The Perseverance craft will collect rocks and debris from Martian soil that will be transported to Earth on future space missions to the Red Planet.

In the last hours, and in advance, NASA produced a three-minute and ten-second video in which to recreate the stunning arrival of the spacecraft to Mars.

It all starts with the landing of the capsule as it travels from Mars’ orbit. The heat shield allows for heat resistance By friction upon contact with the red planet’s atmosphere.

After this stage, the parachute brakes the capsule, until its base detaches and perseverance falls, and is attached to a chassis with engines that direct the car to its intended destination. In the last few meters, the chassis lowers the rover using a cable system up to Put it on the floor He finally withdrew from the region.

Determination He will look for signs of microbial life Old on the surface of Mars, it will collect and store Mars rocks and regolith (broken rocks and dust) for future missions to bring them to Earth, characterize the planet’s geology and climate, and pave the way for human exploration of the red planet.

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